The central training resource that Church Planting Northwest offers to church planters is our First Steps and Next Steps conferences for planting a missional church. These are typically 3 day events in various locations around the country, which zero in on each of the critical issues for planting a new church. Contact Converge Northwest  to gather more details on upcoming First Steps and Next Steps conferences.

Leadership Onramp
Leadership OnRamp is an assessment process for missional leaders getting ready to start new churches or ministries.  Preparation for the one-day live event begins with online assessment tools and profiles. During OnRamp, coaches and practitioners come alongside candidates for training and encouragement as they test drive their ideas. OnRamp is the beginning. Follow through lasts a lifetime. 

Pastoral Assessment
Church Planting Northwest has one of the longest-running, most influential and highly trusted church planting assessment systems in the country. We offer decades of experience and a contextually current process. Many other denominations and para-church organizations have modeled their process after ours.

The purpose of assessment is to reduce risk and increase church planting success. We use assessment to figure out each individual’s capacity to be the lead pastor on a planting team. Our proven assessment process benefits anyone considering church planting.

Networks & gatherings

Being connected with others in church planting is essential. No one should have to plant a church alone! The challenges, the struggles, the ups and downs, the need for input and feedback, and the joys, all make networking with others that are doing similar ministry vital and necessary.

One of the systems that has contributed to the success of Church Planting Northwest movement is the networking system. Every church planter is connected up with other planters through Church Planting Networks. These hands on learning environments make a world of difference for every church planter.

In addition, Church Planting Northwest seeks to connect church planter spouses together in ongoing sharing and learning environments. These have proven to be a huge resource for spouses who, along with their husbands, are engaged in front line ministry, extending and advancing the work of Jesus.