September 28th, Church Planting Northwest hosted a day-long leadership event with Ryan Bowman, Sr Training Manager at Chick-fil-a restaurants.

Ryan has been privileged to be a part of the Chick -fil-A family for 27 years. His connection with Chick-fil-A began as a member of Truett Cathy’s Sunday School class at the age of 13 and then officially as a Team Member at a local Chick-fil-A restaurant at 15. Ryan has spent time as a Chick-fil-A restaurant Team Member, Interim Manager, Grand Opening Supervisor, Home Office staff member, and of course as a Raving Fan customer. You could say Ryan proudly “bleeds peanut oil”. Over the course of his tenure, Ryan has lead emerging leader, pipeline, and Operator development teams and programming.

He is currently a Sr. Training Manager on Chick -fil-A’s Field Development Team. This teams focus is to support Chick-fil-A Franchisees in their efforts to grow their leadership capacity and sustain exceptional business results.

Ryan's was kind enough to share his slides and notes on leadership with use.